Trying to get your indie band to blow? The good people of Portlandia know just what will do the trick: Kevin the cat. Last Friday's edition of the IFC comedy featured Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as a duo making terrible music who decide to shake things up by adding a cat to the band.

Renamed Cat Nap—and later Catnapped—the trio becomes a viral sensation, with the indie culture poobahs at Pitchfork driving the bandwagon. “Everything that I had been looking for in a band was present in Catnapped,” writes a bearded Pitchfork staffer on the hilarious new episode. In a pitch-perfect excerpt that nails that familiar master's thesis tone, the Pitchfork critic concludes that the inter-species group “transcends music on literally every single level” and gives their live show an unprecedented perfect 10 rating.

The writer then alerts his staff that there's simply no reason to keep Pitchfork going anymore. Cat Nap is the end all, be all—the cat's pajamas, if you will. “Everything that can be said in music has been said,” he says. “I think we’re done. We can shut the site down. Good job, everybody.”

Lights out.