A$AP Ferg

Real Name: Darold Ferguson

Age: 23

Twitter: @ASAPferg

From: "I'm from Harlem, born in Harlem Hospital. I was raised on 143rd and Amsterdam."

Known For: "Kissin' Pink" on Live.Love.A$AP

How He Met A$AP Rocky: "Rocky is a childhood friend of mine. We met just being different, being some poppin' niggas from the hood. We fucked crazy bitches and were little legends in our own realm. Real recognizes real, and we started doing music together around 13 or 14 years old. We go back."

Role In A$AP: "A brother, an innovator, motivator, and family. I can be there for you, whether it's money or we're both broke. We're going to be broke together. I'm the go-to person if you need help. I'm always that shoulder to lean on."

Before The Fame: "I went to college for two years for marketing and management, but during those times I was a hustler. I wasn't selling drugs or anything like that, but my father had a printing business, and I used to help him. I used to do logos and print shirts for money. Whatever I could run across to make a dollar, I'd make it happen."

Since The Fame: "I'm not rich. We're definitely not rich. In fact, I'm broke right now. I'm rich in opportunity and we have a great future ahead of us. We're not just young wild niggas. Don't get it conflicted because we wear black hoodies or I might look like a hoodlum. We have smarts, we're street smart, and we have business etiquette."

On Fashion: "Clothes is nothing. I wore this same hoodie at a video shoot yesterday and the day before that. I probably slept in this shit. I don't care about clothes, but I will get fly on their asses. So don't get it confused."

What He's Learned: "I've learned to accept problems and not get mad at them. I can't get mad anymore. If I get mad, I'll just lose my mind. I'm going to always be at the bottom of the barrel fighting, so I might as well do it in a humble way."

What's Next: "The whole plan is to blow the Ferg merch up. Then I'm going to put out the A$AP Ferg mixtape. It's going to have the world flipping upside down and doing somersaults."

Final Words: "I definitely want to work with R. Kelly. Motherfuckers laugh at this shit, but I'm dead serious. I want to sit down and write some video treatments with that nigga. I really think Tyler Perry stole his whole wave."