Original Song: Sam and Dave "Soul Man" (1967)

These latter-day minstrel shticksters started out as a mere Saturday Night Live sketch before their debut album, Briefcase Full Of Blues, wound up topping the Billboard chart and led to an obligatory movie. To be fair, they did provide exposure and work for genuine master soul men like guitarist Steve Cropper and bassist Duck Dunn. And their later music was no doubt even more perfunctory.

But this was their biggest hit—on actual album rock stations that wouldn't play black artists at the time, no less—and Dan Aykroyd's (a/k/a Elwood Blues's) preposterous low-voiced responses, especially, cannot go unchallenged. Hard to believe John Belushi (a/k/a “Joliet” Jake Blues) (a/k/a Bluto Blutarsky) learned to love before he ate, too. Also, they are probably, in some way, partially responsible for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.