What was the deal with Roland Gift anyway? Did he use to inhale helium balloons before recording? He had this amorphous falsetto that whistled up through his nasal cavities, and it communicated no emotion whatsoever, even if he did look like the kind of guy who'd haul 45s to a Northern Soul shop on his scooter.

He had an okay way with a hook, though—or the ex-English Beaters backing him up did. Amazing to remember, in retrospect, that this limp cover of an archetypal Buzzcocks single-gone-unsteady was on a No. 1 U.S. album in 1988, with three big hits.

It was recorded a couple years earlier, though—originally appeared on the Something Wild soundtrack. So maybe the Cannibals just hadn't eaten dinner yet. (Too bad Total Coelo, of “I Eat Cannibals” fame, weren't around anymore to eat them.)