Vybz Kartel has been in the headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. He has been charged with two murders, is being held in a Jamaican prison, and just yesterday rumors of a violent escape went viral on the internet before being put to rest.

Today, there is finally some good news for Kartel. The dancehall star has been granted bail (set at around $35,000 in U.S. dollars) in the Supreme Court. This bail is only in relation to one of the murder charges and Kartel will still have to apply for bail on the other charge. He is expected to do so in court tomorrow.

In yesterday's interview with Boomshots, Kartel's laywer expressed some worry over the spreading rumors and how that could affect his clients' chance at bailing out. He explained: 

"As far as incidents with escaping from custody, our position is very simple: it is an attempt to prejudice the case against Adidja Palmer. As it is here now, he’s going to go through a series of bail applications as the case progresses. When you have issues like these arising, it does create some concern for the public and the court itself."

The defense lawyer still seemed determined to get his client free. He admitted that securing bail would be difficult, especially since Vybz is being charged for two separate, serious crimes, but he said that it's been done before, and that's what they were going for. It looks like things are going as planned for Kartel and his team.

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