Producer: Sir Jinx
Album: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
Label: Priority

What begins like an ancient throwback to Orson Wells–era radio (complete with an old-timey organ playing in the background) quickly gets updated to modern times when the announcer states, "And now—the drive-by..."

By the time this movie-like moment on Cube's solo debut made its way into listeners' ears, the media had made it known nationwide that gang violence sometimes included vehicular manslaughter of another kind. So when two perps get into an automobile whispering to each other, the listener expects to hear gunshots.

While the inclusion of Young MC's widely popular "Bust a Move" on the car stereo mellows the tension momentarily, we all know the gunshots are coming. The real TV news soundbite at the very end serves as a sobering reminder that "outside the South Central area, few cared because it didn't affect them."

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