While most of his 2010 was wasted away in a 11 x 13 cell on Rikers Island, Wayne seemed determined to get that time (and a half) back by hitting 2011 with a bang. After completing his skid bid, he immediately hit the studio, only leaving to visit the occasional skate park.

Wayne's 2011 was typically prolific—releasing both a mixtape (<em>Sorry 4 The Wait</em>) and an album (<em>Tha Carter IV</em>), not to mention blessing the world with upwards of 30 guest appearances. A staggering output to say the least.

But while the MC was busy churning out verses and features for half the music industry, many critics felt his feverish pace left a lot to be desired. Accusations from the peanut gallery ran rampant: Wayne was unfocused, or he phoned in most of 2011.


Despite a few missteps, Weezy low-key dominated 2011. Between moving almost a milli units of <em>C4</em> in its first week, spawning five charting singles, and selling out a cross-country tour—2011 was truly Wayne’s World.

Just getting Birdman Jr. to grace a track was enough to resurrect a career on life support. (Ahem, Kelly Rowland). And for the right price, he can even make your shit tighter. (What up Ace Hood?) In honor of Weezy’s stellar 365, Complex has compiled his top 25 verses of the year. Recognize.

Written by Andrew Barber (@Fakeshoredrive)

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