Producer: Trackmasters

Album: Doin it/I Shot Ya (Remix) 12 Inch

Label: Def Jam

Fat Joe: “That shit was the craziest collabo. LL Cool J was my idol. He was working in the next room with the Trackmasters. This is when I was doing my second album. And Tone from the Trackmasters came to my session, and heard my second album with ‘Fat Joe’s In Town’ and all that. And he was like, ‘Oh shit, you’re killin’ it. I’m doing this remix for LL, you wanna jump on that?’

“He played me the beat [before I ever heard the original version], and I was like, ‘Oh my God. What the fuck?!?’ I just went crazy on it. And LL Cool J was the biggest nigga on earth, so I was hoping he kept my verse on there.

“That song was legendary, because that was the first time anyone heard Foxy Brown. Her swag was out of control, with the ‘ill ta-tas’ and all that shit.

“I wasn’t there with everybody [when they recorded their verses]. He did that [remix] the new style. [Laughs.] But everyone was together at the video. It was incredible. And I had Pun on the left of me, and Armageddon on the right. That was the first time the world ever saw Big Pun.

“That beat was so hard and it was LL. At the end of the day, with no disrespect, it could’ve been just me and him. But nah, [Keith Murray] was the hardest nigga out. Prodigy killed it. It was stupid.”