Their collaborative label-release, Self Made Vol. 1 was a favorite around here. Then came Wale's Ambition and packed NYC show. And Meek Mill keeps dropping those club-bangers. Now MMG's Pill is hitting the city next week.

We've got a few tickets for you to check out Pill live. If you have Twitter, answer these questions and be sure to include the #pillNYC hashtag.

1. Where is Pill originally from?

2. His hit single from "MMG Presents: Self Made Vol. 1" featuring Rick Ross is also a popular video game. What's the name of this song?

3. Name Pill's most recent mixtape. Hint: It's hosted by DJ Scream and MMG.

Example response: (1) City (2) Song Title (3) Mixtape #pillNYC


Good luck!