While in Los Angeles, Busta Rhymes popped up during a Kendrick Lamar show and gave fans a little surprise. He performs his "Look At Me Now" verse before cutting off the music and giving Kendrick some props. The newest member of Cash Money explains that getting a hold of Kendrick wasn't easy, but when he finally got the contact info, he called up and told the up-and-comer to save a spot on that "Rigamortus" track for a Busta verse.

Not only did he announce the news, but he said it was already recorded and asked the audience if they wanted to hear it. Of course they did. With his usual energetic, rapid-fire delivery, Busta sounds right at home on the remix.

Check it out above. The new "Rigamortus" verse starts at 5:40.

[via Janicellamoca]