Black Moon, Enta Da Stage (1993)

Label: Nervous

Pusha T: “Black Moon created a mood with what they did. Musically, Buckshot was a new voice. Sales didn’t eclipse a lot of those guys but they had such a stronghold and such position, you cannot deny the classic-ness of that shit. I don’t care what they ended up selling.

“They had their feet planted firmly in that whole Bucktown-Duckdown movement. That was the argument. Their shit was so good, it was like, ‘Who’s better? Is Mobb Deep better, or is it Buckshot and them? In school that’s what I was arguing.

“Aesthetically, the guys who were a little more rugged and into that shit was Buckshot. The followers followed the moods of each of the artists. I was into all of it. I couldn’t not listen to Buckshot or any of them. I had to listen to it all.”