Fat Joe stays open-minded when it comes to homosexuality. He says that it's 2011 and that if people are gay, it shouldn't be a big deal. He even says that he's probably worked with gay rappers, before going on to eloquently explain, "I'm pretty sure the football niggas is gay. The basketball niggas is gay. Niggas is gay, there's millions of gay people in the world. Girls, too."

When asked specifically about hip-hop, Fat Joe reveals his gay mafia theory:

"The hip-hop community is most likely owned by gay, to be honest with you. They're owned by gay. I happen to think there's a gay mafia in hip-hop. Not rappers. You know, the editorial presidents of magazines, the PDs at radio stations, the people who give you awards at award shows. This is a fucking gay mafia, my man."

[via VLADTV]