Lil’ Kim "Time To Shine" (1996)

Album: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (Soundtrack)

Label: Island

DJ Clark Kent: “Damn, I forgot I did that shit. Yeah, she was asked to submit a song for the soundtrack, and Un asked me to do it. She was big already off ‘Get Money,’ but her album wasn’t out yet. She was huge.

“We were on tour. Junior M.A.F.I.A. didn’t go out [on tour] by themselves, they went out with B.I.G., [and I was the tour DJ]. And he would incorporate them in to the show. There wasn’t a bunch of records they were doing. It was ‘Players Anthem,’ ‘Need You Tonight,’ and ‘Get Money.’ It was crazy to see it. You just had these little people on tour. It was dope, B.


B.I.G. wrote some [of Kim’s raps]. He didn’t write everything, but he wrote enough. [In the sessions] there was beef, happiness, getting high, getting drunk, everything.


“B.I.G. wrote some [of Kim’s raps], but he didn’t write everything. But he wrote enough. He would be there, yeah. [In the sessions] there was beef, happiness, getting high, getting drunk, everything.

“Doing those sessions, you don’t think about what happened until you are asked back about them, and then you realize it was basically chaos. Un, Just, and everybody would be in the sessions. B.I.G.’s in there smoking weed around motherfuckers who don’t smoke. All of Junior M.A.F.I.A. would be there. Lil’ Kim would come in with two of her girlfriends.

“And it was only monster studios. It was Quad, Hit Factory, Unique, Sony. Everything was a huge production. You were in the best studios all the time.

“Kim was focused sometimes, and sometimes she wasn’t. She’d be beefin’ with B.I.G., or beefin’ with Un, or sometimes she just didn’t want to do it. My shit was to massage their shit, because the record had to get done. I’m getting a check, so you motherfuckers better get to rapping. Matter of fact, or don’t. I cashed the first half of my shit already.”