Junior M.A.F.I.A. f/ Aaliyah "I Need You Tonight" (1995)

Album: Consipiracy

Label: Undeas/Big Beat

DJ Clark Kent: “Faith Evans was on the song at first, but we got Aaliyah involved because she was young. Faith sang the hook first, but it kind of didn’t make sense to have all these young kids on the record with this grown woman singing. We got Aaliyah on the record. Plus, Aaliyah was on Atlantic Records also, so it wasn’t like we had to get her cleared. It made sense, and it felt right.

“I worked at Atlantic Records, so I knew Aaliyah since she was crazy young. When she was 15 and signing record deals, I knew her. It was perfect to work with her. It was simple, because she was too talented. ‘Here’s the hook, sing it again.’ And she sang it again. She was dope.

“That was Biggie’s idea to use the Lisa Lisa record as the hook. He knew exactly what he wanted to hear.”