In 1966, a 24-year-old Jimi Hendrix wrote a letter home to his father. The note is pretty anti-climactic. Jimi was in Germany and had been playing shows around Europe with his new band, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Oh, and he had a record coming out in a couple of months. That record was called "Hey Joe."

Later that year, "Hey Joe" would be Jimi and his band's debut single. It would propel Jimi into superstardom. In 1969, it would be the final song performed at the legendary Woodstock festival. Decades later, it would be regarded as a classic. At the time, it was just a new record that Jimi was writing home to Dad about. 

The letter reads:

Dear Dad –

Well...Although I lost the address, I feel I must write before I get too far away – We're in Munich, Germany now – We just left Paris and Nancy France – We're playing around london now. That's where I'm staying these days. I have my own group and will have a record out about 2 months named "Hey Joe" By the Jimi Hendrix EXPERIENCE. I hope you get this card – I'll write a decent letter – I think things are getting a little Better – 

Your loving son 


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