Album: Band of Gypsys

Complex says: My grandfather made a rare trip up into my attic temple of boom when I was about 17 and asked me "Gregory, who’s that playing?'' When I said Jimi he said, ''Huh, sounds like John Lee Hooker to me.” And he ain’t never lied. Jimi knew the deal: If you want to get deep and lament from the depths of human suffering, you need to be conjuring up some of those devil blues Hooker style.

This performance, a 12-minute phantasmagoria of man's inhumanity to man, is the war movie Coppola wished he'd made with Apocalypse Now—except Jimi's cinematography of slaughter on the battlefield is even more infernal and hellbent. You come out on the other side feeling like you have personally survived all manner of evisceration via modern warfare—mortars and grenades, full metal jackets, napalm infernos, My Lai massacres, even Hiroshima. This is also the cut that made Miles Davis realize Jimi was truly on some other shiznit.