Label: Jive Records
Worst Song: "Pussy Crook"


Although he was always No Limit's most talented spitter, no one expected Mystikal to become a crossover star when he left the label. But 2000's "Let's Get Ready" was a surprise smash, debuting at #1 on the pop charts and spawning two massive singles ("Shake Ya Ass" and "Danger (Been So Long)") that put the Neptunes on the map and had hyperbolic journalists calling him hip-hop's James Brown.

With all eyes on the rapid-fire spitter, Mystikal seriously dropped the ball with Tarantula, his phoned-in follow-up that dropped only one year later. Even with reliable collaborators like The Neptunes, Scott Storch, and KLC, every song on the LP felt like a half-baked imitation of his previous work. Tarantula debuted at #25, his worst showing since his pre-No Limit days. Oh, and in light of his career-killing sexual assault conviction in 2003, the song "Pussy Crook" is seriously creepy.