Label: Bad Boy Entertainment
Worst Song: "Best Friend"


Even though his ghostwriters and The Hitmen deserve most of the credit, Puff's 1997 debut, No Way Out, was filled with hits. His sophomore effort? Not so much. Even the songs that did take over the charts were mostly trash ("Satisy You"? Ugh!) and while the guest list was plentiful just like it was on No Way Out, most of the featured artists sounded like they had decided to collect their check and run rather than contribute a solid verse for Puff.

Chris Rock would later crack wise about Puff during his monologue at the 1999 MTV VMAs saying, “Puffy got a new album called Forever. Forever? What you trying to say Puff? Forever? You know if the album don't sell the next one gonna be called, How about three more months? Come on!” Seven years later, Puff released another solo project.