Jason Goldwatch is a name that’s been associated with great hip-hop videos for years now. When you see his name come up on screen before the video starts, chances are it’s going to be good. And that kind of reputation means a lot when there’s a near-constant stream of hip-hop videos, most with questionable artistic merits, hitting the Internet daily. Jason’s been working with the best in the game, from Kanye West and Jay-Z to The Roots. Most recently he took on the challenge of creating the visuals for the collaboration between Pusha T and Tyler, The Creator's "Trouble On My Mind."

The result was, in our opinion, one of the best things we’ve seen in recent memory. A gritty, funny clip that combines the worlds of the Re-Up Gang and OFWGKTA seamlessly. We were impressed and wanted to hear more about how this collaboration went down. Jason obliged, telling us about Pusha’s limits as far as egging people goes (he has none), Tyler getting a beatdown on set, and what it’s like to tell two girls how to make out.

As told to Brendan Klinkenberg (@KingMidasIV)