#5. Nas, Illmatic (1994)

Label: Columbia

Game: “The story I told in ‘Hustlers’ was a true story. I already had The Chronic but I had lost it or someone had stolen it from me. So I stole them both. At that time I didn’t have money like I do now so it was rough. It was like, if you can get away with stealing something, why not?

“Nas was fresh on the scene. It’s such a classic. When you ask somebody’s top five albums, that album always comes up. That was Nas’ introduction to the world. Illmatic is probably the last of these 25 that I listened to. It’s actually in my Porsche now. I was just rocking with ‘Halftime’ when I came home earlier.

“That album was the first time I was able to get into an East Coast rapper. I was all West Coast until that dropped. That was the first album where I was old enough to understand what was going on and the concept behind it.”