SBTRKT: "The masks were decided upon to create an artistic identity that isn’t my face or my back-story. It's like creating a new identity and biography for SBTRKT. The music you create or your artist persona isn't necessarily who you’re born as, especially with electronic music. Most artists are writing something in a make-believe world, created with a new vision which has nothing to do with their real name or who they’ve grown up with.

"I don’t like the idea of having to describe or sell my music by telling people who I was or trying to tell why it's relevant, because I don’t feel that anything is relevant beyond the point of when you're making the song. You're trying to create something totally different and describing that physical process of it doesn’t matter. People should be more imaginative about the artistic side of it than trying to fill in gaps about my age, and where I grew up or where I live.

"Sometimes fans and journalists ask, 'Can you tell us what you really look like?' I tell them that’s not really the point. It's like it's about color or race, and that seems to be a large issue in music, whether someone’s black or white or Asian. I saw someone on a YouTube video going, 'Is SBTRKT black or white?' and someone said, 'No, they’re blue and yellow.' I thought that was funny.

"The whole idea behind the design of the masks was to represent the spirit of tribal masks, and the idea that people behind the mask would become the persona of something else when they put it on. Wearing a mask means you have to outperform how people perceive you to be."