#22. Travis Barker, Give the Drummer Some

Released: March 15 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)

Label: Interscope

Complex says: These things usually don't work. A punk rocker with hip-hop friends gets together to record a rock/hop fusion thing with himself on the drums and the likes of the Game, Lil Wayne, Rza, Raekwon, Pharrell, and a whole host of others on vocals. The strange thing is that it all somehow comes together. After what he's been through with the plane crash that took the lives of four others and left he and DJ Am in critical condition, it's safe to say that Barker feels like he's been given a second chance at life. He doesn't waste it, playing his drums with a controlled rage that rivals his Blink 182 days. Songs like “Just Chill” and “Carry It” are wildly catchy and it just goes to show that Barker can never be counted out.