#21. Portishead, Dummy (1994)

Favorite song: “Sour Times”

Tech N9ne: “I stopped smoking weed in ‘98, but that came out when I used to smoke weed. I used to sit in the car with my homeboys and play that trippy ass trip-hop music. Beth Gibbons’ voice is just soothing. We just used to relax and listen to that shit while smoking fucking chronic. I love how ‘Sour Times’ sounded like a James Bond movie and the video was black and white. It was wonderful seeing Beth Gibbons sing like that on MTV.

“That opened me up to their second album, which was self-titled. They didn’t have many albums, but I have them all and I still listen to them. I still resort back to Dummy and the second album all the time. On their second album, they had one called ‘Humming’ that I listened to all the time. It’s so fucking sinister.”