The Lox “If You Think I'm Jiggy” (1998)

Produced by: Dame Grease

Jadakiss: “That was the time when sampling was in. Puff was terrorizing the radio with the samples. So I was just trying to catch one of them that could pop for us. I always used to hear that Rod Stewart song [‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’], so once I got the beat from Dame Grease I just tried to flip it. It ain’t really work out how I had planned it, but still the people liked it.

“I understood how much they liked it when we went on the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money tour, and we were doing the spoof of it. We used to come out with the shiny suits on, rip them off and then go into ‘Fuck You.’ But at a lot of the arenas, people used to not ‘boo’, but be like ‘ahhh!’ They wanted to hear that! We used to be backstage like, ‘They really fuckin’ like that ‘If You Think I’m Jiggy.’’ It worked out. We probably wanted to be more harder back then because we didn’t understand the business of radio play and crossing over. But it’s all good, when you look back it did its justice.”