Jadakiss “From Now Till Then” (2008)

Produced by: The Alchemist

Scratches by: DJ Premier

Jadakiss: “I wanted it on [The Last Kiss]. I had a lot of music, first of all, because after my last album I took five years off before I came back with The Last Kiss. So the more music the better. But you start getting into publishing and splits, and you’re going over the cap and all that, but with The Last Kiss I didn’t even give a fuck about none of that. I wanted to give the people as much music as I could from the lapse, from the hiatus I was on. You were waiting, so you deserve that.

”I guess after Kanye leaked his whole last album and still put the same album out, nobody’s mad because now that’s the formula. But [back then] I guess once [‘From Now Till Then’] got leaked, they didn’t want to put it on the album or make it a bonus joint or nothing, it just got swept under the rug.

”[It got leaked] by not stripping everybody naked when you leave the studio. There’s too much you can record shit off. Your phone, your watch, shoestrings. I might make this album the first album where everyone is butt ass naked! The engineer, everybody gotta be naked in the studio if you wanna come to my session. I bet you that’s how you keep the media back, nothing gonna get leaked, none of that. [Actually], you might have wild niggas there lined up!

”I got a good memory. I just try to touch points [in my rhymes] that you went through. It’s hard to think of stuff that everybody went through, but there’s some good lines that a lot of us growing up around the same time [can relate to]. And there’s still stuff that we did that little kids are doing.

“Even if it ain’t everybody, sometimes just a few people will come up and say, ‘This one line right here is my whole life, I can’t believe you said that!’ Whoever it can touch, as long as it can touch somebody, I feel my job is done. [People come up to me and say favorite lines] all the time. Especially with Twitter, I’ll get a whole two hours worth. I saw someone typing my bars the other day, and he was like, ‘Hold on y’all don’t worry, I got more. I’m coming back with Kiss bars.’ I was like, ‘This guy’s crazy!’”