Pete Rock & CL Smooth f/ Crystal Johnson “Take You There” (1994)

Album: The Main Ingredient

Label: Elektra

Pete Rock: “I felt [‘Take You There’ was strong enough to be the first single off The Main Ingredient] at the time for what [radio] was requesting. The music was slowly, slowly starting to change, and being on a major label, they used to always stress making ‘radio records.’ So this was one of them that I felt would’ve been a good first single. But, you know, so be it.

“It made sense because everyone knew the sample. It was an old classic. But no one used the part in the middle like that. O.C. used it, but no disrespect, I feel I chopped the beat a little bit better.

“Crystal Johnson [who sang the hook] is actually still around doing music and doing functions, trying to get her music out there. She’s a great singer. We never got the chance to really get it in as far as for her own solo stuff, but we’re friends on Facebook, so we’ll get something done.”