Pete Rock f/ CL Smooth & Denosh “It’s a Love Thing” (2004)

Album: Soul Survivor II

Label: BBE/Rapstar

Pete Rock: “[CL and I] weren’t together still, but I just thought it was a good idea to use him on the song. He was with it, we did the song, and went about our ways again. We did another song called ‘Back On The Block’ too. I would just use him sporadically, but the relationship wasn’t A+. Regardless, I would always keep him in mind and use something, and give the fans something that they missed.

“At this point in time right now, I think it’s best that he be by his own solo self and just work with other people. We discussed [doing another album the last time we were] on tour, but that was on tour. It’s a different story when we come back home. No one’s the same. I just figured, if it doesn’t work, it’s not gonna work. If it happens, everybody will be the first to know.”

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