AZ f/ Nas “Gimme Yours” (1995)

Album: Doe or Die

Label: EMI

Pete Rock: “That happened the same time ‘Rather Unique’ happened. I just ended up doing two [songs with AZ]. He picked two beats. And he said ‘I’m gonna put Nas on the hook.’ They were [in the studio] together. At that point in time, people were still in the studio with each other, before this email stuff came out. We were at Greene Street studios in Manhattan. It was quiet and fun, that’s about it.

“We were excited and really happy for [AZ] for his first record deal. Him and Nas developed a relationship, he got on Illmatic, made that hit record ‘Life’s A Bitch,’ and that [played a part in him getting his deal]. But I knew AZ before I met Nas.”