Heavy D “Blue Funk” (1993)

Album: Blue Funk

Label: Uptown

Pete Rock: “I remember making that beat in the basement, and Hev grooving to it. Once Hev hears something and starts grooving to it, he’s gonna make something with it. So that’s what happened, and how ‘Blue Funk’ came about.

“I remember the record [I sampled], but I don’t put that type of information out, it ruins the fun. I’ll let people find it on their own. If you know it’s a sample, then find it. It’s out there for people to find. I’m not gonna just give it to you like that. No one’s really supposed to do that as a producer.

“I use the SP-1200 still. It’s a dinosaur drum machine. They didn’t make any after that [or update it at all]. I got three of them.”