How She Started Making Music

Listen: The Trash Women f/ Kreayshawn "Boys Are Toys" (1995)

Kreayshawn: “When I was five years old, I made a very punk rock song with my mom. [Laughs.] The song was called ‘Boys Are Toys’ and it leaked on SoundCloud not that long ago. I remember my mom and my aunt were in the other room and I picked up the mic and went ham and was like, ‘Boys are toys!’ Then I just started going off on a rant.

“Everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, you’ve got to use that!’ I remember the process of going to the studio, recording over and over again, and them bribing me by taking me to Toys-R-Us. And I’m five years old like, ‘Where’s my publishing deal?’

“[When I was about 10] my mom’s boyfriend at the time had a DJ set and a keyboard to make beats. So me and my friend would just goof off all day making music and mixtapes for my friends.

“[I started taking rapping seriously] about a year ago. I was directing music videos for an artist and his manager heard some of my music and said, ‘Just take this seriously for a couple months and see where it goes.’ I’ve always been making music, all I really needed was someone to push me to put it out there. I ended up hitting him up like, ‘You know what? I’m serious about this.’ We got in the studio, we assembled our little team, and now we’ve got what’s going on."