Working With Lil B

Kreayshawn: “I’ve known him since 2009. One of the artists I was filming before, DB Tha General, Lil B was his biggest fan. Lil B was always hitting me up like, ‘Yo, tell DB Tha General I want to make songs with him. Help me get in contact with him.’ And DB’s crazy, he’s on his own hype. I don’t even think he understood what Lil B was trying to do.

“I ended up talking to him and there was one Lil B song out that I really liked. So I hit Lil B up on Facebook like, ‘Yo, you have this song called ‘Fuck Yo Hair.’ I really want to do a video for it in a wig shop.’ He was like, ‘Oh, I’ve been looking for somebody to do a video for it.’ And I was already doing videos for one of his favorite artists, so it was like duh.

“We worked together and did ‘Like A Martian,’ we did the ‘Insane’ video, and we did the first ‘Basedworld 1989’ video. We definitely had a good creative relationship. He was an influence on me. I was starting to listen to his music and hanging out with him a lot when he was working on Rain In England.

“He definitely inspired me to throw stuff out there because there’s always going to be an audience for something. Whether it’s 100 people to hundreds of thousands, there’s always going to be an audience. I wasn’t really seeing it like that. I was just documenting like, ‘I’m keeping this for me.’”