400 Degreez

Favorite song: “Gone Ride With Me”

Wale: “I remember having the Walkman listening to that. The melodies and shit, Juvie had it on smash. Niggas wanted to hate on him at first because of that ‘Ha’ shit. And he used to be at all the go-go's, so I kind of saw a little bit from them early years. Like, I fuck with this nigga. He’s geechy—that’s a word we like to use, it means beautifully ignorant—but he’s cool at the same time."

American Gangster

Favorite song: “Roc Boys”

Wale: “That joint makes me feel like success amongst me and my friends, living our dreams. My man Greg, he makes us listen to it every day. Every day we have to listen to ‘Sweet.’ My whole company, we listen to that every day because it’s about getting rich and being successful with your friends.”

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