It's really happening! J. Cole has completed his debut album and is readying the release of his new single, arriving as early as next week.

Jermaine really got our wheels turning when he revealed his new single samples one of his favorite albums of his childhood and adolescence. "[It's not a Jay-Z album] but you're in the family, though," Cole responded to one female reporter. The Roc Nation signee also claimed his debut album is better than his latest mixtape, Friday Night Lights. Simba sure is setting the bar high for himself.

Further information came to fruition during the interview regarding his debut album, among other subjects, such as the delays his album has seen, his inspirations, his secrecy, and more.

Will the dream villain be successful in following his mentor's footsteps? Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and watch as J. Cole rises to the top.

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