Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Uptown 4 Life
Label: Cash Money

Before the Hot Boys era of Cash Money, Baby and Slim ruled the New Orleans underground with an entirely different roster of mostly bounce-leaning rappers like Kilo-G, PxMxWx, Mr. Ivan, and Lil Slim. Their biggest success in that era was gangsta rappers UNLV, who scored a Down South hit with the "Triggerman"-interpolating "Drag 'Em in the River." On it the trio—Tec-9, Lil Ya, Yella Boy—sent shots at another New Orleans rapper, Mystikal, who at the time was the face of Cash Money's biggest competition, Big Boy Records. The history books show which label won that battle, but one has to wonder if the story might've played out differently without the success of "Drag 'Em." UNLV was dropped from Cash Money on less than good terms and Yella Boy was murdered shortly thereafter, but the remaining group continued recording on the indie tip throughout the '00s.