Heltah Skeltah, Ras Kass, & Canibus “Uni-4-orm” (1997)

Produced by: Fabian Hamilton

Sean Price: “That was for the Rhyme or Reason soundtrack and Priority payed us so I had to do it at Sony Studios. So we went over there and Ras Kass was there. It was him, Xzibit, and he had a kid with him. He like, ‘Yo, this is Canibus. We just got a deal on Universal. Canibus is my man so can you put him on the record?’

"Me and Rock were like, ‘Get the fuck outta here.’ He was like, ‘Yo my man can rhyme!’ So he started rhyming right there. The first rhyme he spit, it was cool, but I thought he was being a fake Keith Murray. I’m a keep it 100. Like, get the fuck outta here with that big word shit. You know Murray my nigga so I’m like, ‘Get the fuck out of here with that fake ass Keith Murray.’

“But then by he spit another verse and another verse I couldn’t deny it. I’m like, ‘This motherfucker is the truth. Let’s do it.’ Canibus has been been my boy ever since. That’s how that went down. I didn’t know Canibus was a super rapper. I knew about Ras, but then he brought his mans in there and I’m like, ‘Money nice man.’ I mean his verse is ill on there, but I didn’t know he was gonna be a rap God. Some kids, you hold in high esteem when it comes to them bars and I can’t be mad at him. That kid got bars, but I didn’t know he was gonna be that back then.”