DJ Babu f/ MF Doom & Sean Price “The Unexpected” (2008)

Produced by: DJ Babu

Sean Price: “Doom kicked some crazy shit on there and I was just trying to figure out how to hang out with him. So I figured the best form of flattery is impersonation. So, I did my MF Doom question like, ‘Have you ever heard of Sean? Hell yeah, but I prefer my Uncle Murda songs/I’m sorta wack like Hancock movie/Shorty drops to her knees saying hand cocks to me/Box of chop suey, flowing through outer space/Ring the alarm, this nigga tried to mock-fu me.’ I don’t know if people remember the video, but Fu Schnickens had this video called ‘Ring the Alarm’ and there’s this Chinese food box going across space.

“People liked it, but then some people come up to me like, ‘Why’d you make fun of Doom?’ I wasn’t making fun of him, I was just trying to hang out. I knew my normal bullshit wouldn’t work. I had to pull something out the hat. I still ain’t meet Doom. It was through DJ Babu, but I heard Doom liked the record and put out a version with all the guest spots and put me on there. I would love to have Doom on Mic Tyson.”

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