Sean Price “Shut The Fuck Up” (2010)

Produced by: Diddy & Mario Winans/The Alchemist

Sean Price: “After Enuff was feeling ‘Figure Four’ I was just like, ‘Wow, they like this shit?’ And I knew the ‘Angels (Remix)’ was playing a lot. I didn’t even like the song at first until I heard the Rick Ross version. I was like, ‘Rick kinda got busy on that.’ So it made me wanna touch it. Then I know my man Illa Ghee had a freestyle on that too. So between the Rick Ross and Illa Ghee version I said, ‘I need to make a Sean Price version of this.’ They inspired me to do it.

“But then the second part of ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ was the old Barry White shit. I just threw that on there and I sent it to Dru. He said, ‘This is banging now give me a clean version.’ I sent it to my DJ PF Cuttin’ and he made a clean version and sent it. I swear to God, the next day it was on Hot 97. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is crazy.’ I just did it to do it because I kept feeding the people shit every week, but they loved it though. Once again, big up Hot 97 and DJ Enuff.”