Random Axe “Monster Babies” (2009)

Produced by: Black Milk

Sean Price: “I was in Boston with Special Teams—a group we had signed to Duck Down—and some dude called and was like, ‘Does Sean want to do a song with Guilty Simpson?’ You know me, I’m a savage for money, I’m a whore. So I’m like, ‘Hell yeah I’ll do something. You got money? Then fuck it, let’s do it.’ When he hung up the phone I was like, ‘Who the fuck is Guilty Simpson?’

“My dude was like, ‘You don’t know who the fuck Guilty Simpson is bro? Stones Throw?’ I was like, ‘Nah.’ And dude was actually a Guilty fan and had a bunch of his shit. So it went from me being greedy and wanting money to, ‘This motherfucker is nice. Maybe we should do more than that.’ So I threw out the idea and that’s how we did ‘Run.’ ‘Run’ came out so good it was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ So after that, we was down.

“Then, Hex Murda just wanted to push it out to let niggas know that we weren’t bullshitting around with the group so he sent me that. There was a movie—I forget what movie—but the guy said, ‘It’s such and such caliber. It shoots through school buses.’ So that’s why I said, ‘Niggas said you a fool Ruckus/Sniff coke and punch niggas through school buses.’ I just got that from a movie. I got tons of useless information that only makes sense when it’s time to write a rhyme. So I wrote that and I sent it back like two days later and it was all over the Internet to good reviews.”

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