Sean Price f/ Block McCloud “Mess You Made” (2007)

Produced by: Masse

Sean Price: “That was the last song for Jesus Price Supastar. I did the whole album and I was just sitting on it. We did a whole Boot Camp album and I still had my album done. I was just waiting to let it go. I had did a song with Block McCloud, it was really for him. We did the song and I wrote the first verse, he did the second verse. I’m not gonna diss my man, but his verse had nothing to do with singing about what he was talking about. He was just doing a Big Pun impersonation. It kinda fucked the song up so I took it back and made it what it was.

“I ain’t trying to shit on him because he’s a dope MC and without him, I wouldn’t even have the song. But he was totally disrespecting the whole order of the song. I’m looking at the chorus looking at the mess he made like, ‘Ah this might be in the realm of a ‘Brokest Rapper You Know’—type song.’ That kinda was like a part two to ‘Brokest Rapper You Know.’

“So I laid the first verse down and later on, when he let me hear it I was like, ‘Nigga, you ain’t saying anything that got to do with the my verse or your chorus. You’re just doing a Big Pun impersonation.’ He was mad tumbling with the words, doing lyrical gymnastics. Like, ‘You getting busy, but fuck is you doing? Gimme that shit B.’ I made it about what it’s really about. I put him in the video too. He was like, ‘Okay, I’m still on the chorus.’ I just took his verse out. But it really was his song and I had to thank him for giving it back to the God and letting me do what I do. That’s my G. Word.”