Boot Camp Clik “And So” (2002)

Produced by: Curt Cazal

Sean Price: “We got a little bit of spin on the radio off that bullshit ass song ‘Think Back,’ but I didn’t even like that song. Not at all. But I had fell off after Magnum Force so I was like, ‘Alright, whatever. As long as it’s being heard.’ I was desperate and beggars can’t be choosers. But I didn’t like that song, I liked ‘And So’ better because I got deep man.

“I said, ‘Royalty checks equal to crack in the street/Niggas like fuck rap, Ruck rap to the beat/I said alright I’ll be back in a week.’ It was just real. I was living off the land, hustling man. [Laughs.] Hustling and using the same thing I was hustling man. [Laughs.] I was out there struggling.

“The words I said in the song were, ‘From day one I had a bad start/To eat moms stole meat out of Pathmark.’ It was real sick because my moms was a crackhead. She would go shopping in the big Pathmark out in Red Hook. She would go all the way there and put the meat under the shopping cart. We had food in the house, but if she stole $100 worth of meat—that was $100 for her to go smoke. She wouldn’t deprive the house. House stayed clean, food was in the house, but that was her way of getting high. Like, ‘Fuck that, I’m gonna steal the meat. With the change I got, I’mma get high with that.’

“All of them lines is real man. I went to jail and I came home October something. October 24, I went back to jail. I beat a gun charge and then got caught with an AP-9 like a week later—an AP-9 looks like a Tech-9, but it’s a little different. I went back to jail and I actually saw the same judge. My sister told me not to go outside that day, but I did anyway. So that’s a true verse right there, that’s why it means so much to me.”