9th Wonder: "We had gotten to the point where out of the past eight Thanksgivings, Murs has probably spent six of them with me. And we were like, 'If you come down, we’re going to make a record.'

Murray's Revenge was the last record I made that Murs got a hair cut on. So we had just left the barber shop before we took the picture for the cover. I was like, 'Dude, come on, man. You’re killing me.' So that’s where the concept kind of came from. And that was a lighter sounding album for us. It wasn’t as dark as Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition.

"We had that track 'Barbershop.' And when Pooh is at the end talking? That joke comes from a dude who was on The Minstrel Show acting as a dad. That's one of the jokes from the barbershop. Because I first heard that dude in the barbershop, and had him on our album before. See how it all ties together?

"Murs named his songs and then he writes to whatever he named it and I would pick the beats for the album. It was a similar case for 'Love and Appreciate.' That's one of my favorite records that we've ever done. Murs didn't want to do that record because it was girly.

"The record that did stand out for me was 'Murray's Revenge,' the one where I chopped up 'Nautilus' by Bob James. That's a record many people say, 'Just leave it alone.' But after I chopped it, many people told me that's the best chop of 'Nautilus.' And Bob James even cleared it for us."

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