Little Brother "The Becoming" (2005)

9th Wonder: "'The Becoming' was one of the two records that I recorded [The Minstrel Show]. That track was supposed to be another beat and it was changed at the last minute. I use Chaka Khan's 'Circles' as a sample. I thought the record was dope. But like I said that song was supposed to be on another beat, but at the last minute Phonte chose the Chaka Khan beat. That was also a record ?uestlove told me, ‘Yo, you chopped the hell out of that Chaka Khan joint.’

"Phonte usually does one take. He gets a thrill from doing one takes. Big Pooh not so much. And that’s not a slight to his skills. But after I told Phonte that Jay-Z writes with no paper, he hasn’t written with paper since.

"There was somewhat of an interaction between me, Phonte, and Pooh during The Minstrel Show, but a lot of times there wasn't. Like I said, what was happening with me, Phonte, and Pooh was something natural that takes place with groups as they grow apart. But the album still came out great, though."