Produced by: Ant
Album: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

Slug: “The first time I had recorded this song was over a really dark Ant beat that Ali had abandoned. He was trying to write a song about suicide, which is why I say 'a friend of mine tried to kill himself to the same song,' as like a little friendly shout-out. With both of us using Ant’s productions, there are many songs over [beats] Ali made that I couldn’t make work that he made good and a lot of songs he couldn’t make work that I make good.

"A few weeks later, Nate [Collis] and I played a one-guitar, one-rapper set and I asked him to write a guitar piece for it. He came up with the guitar part and a chorus that gave it a much more optimistic feeling. Ant wound up liking that version better and it became the one we used. [There's an original version but] nobody’s ever heard it. It was a lot darker, as there wasn’t Nate’s chorus, the 'do-do-dos' in it or anything.”