Buckwild: “I always had a relationship with Rob and his manager at the time, Shaq. This is New York. Everybody’s cool with everybody. So I think I got a call from Harve Pierre, who was the A&R, saying, ‘Yo, we’re trying to finish Rob’s album. Come down and play some beats.’ I think it was Shaq and Harve who were the last people that said, ‘Yo, you got to let Rob hear this beat.’ Afterwards, I heard some crazy stories of the creation process of the song.

“Somebody told me 50 Cent wrote the song, which I laughed at. And then I heard Puerto Rock came up with the hook. Nonetheless, doing the song, the track came out crazy. I didn’t think the song was going to be as big as it was. Only two people who heard the record said it was going to be a big record. One was Lord Finesse, and the other was Lenny S from Roc-A-Fella.

“Lenny S gave the beat to Jay-Z, then Memphis Bleek, then Amil, and then other people. They all passed on it. So Rob does the record and a week later I walk into Def Jam, I hear Lenny playing the record going, ‘I told ya’ll this record is going to be crazy! All ya’ll niggas slept on this record.’ That record kind of brought Bad Boy back. I think that was the first video, which Puff was actually in for a long time.”