Produced by: Mike Mosley and Sam Bostic

E-40: “That was the biggest hit before [‘U and Dat’]. That came from OG Stomp Down. OG James Bailey—we called him JB—him and my sister used to mess around. He would always say, ‘I like to sprinkle the kids.’ What that mean is to teach people. Lace ‘em with game, put something in my mind that's right on time. Tell me the rights and wrongs, dos and don'ts.

“Mike Mosley came with a little melody, with the beat and everything. Then Suga T was in the studio. It was Sam Bostic, Flat Top got on the guitar, and Mike and Sam put the beat together. And at first I wasn't really liking the beat until Mike started humming a little melody. Then I just took it there, you know? We didn't even have a title at first. We didn't go in there thinking it was a single. We just did it, and everybody liked it.”