Produced by: Rick Rock

E-40: “I was actually watching Rap City on BET and Joe Clair—I named him Joe Cleezy—was the host and he was interviewing Rasheed Wallace. And he was like, ‘What you think about hip-hop, Rasheed? You got Wu-Tang, Redman, and Nas.’ I forget the other names he mentioned. He named a few East Coast rappers. And Joe was like, ‘You got them over here on the East Coast, and on the West Coast you got E-40, and in the South you got Goodie Mob.’ So Rasheed Wallace was like, ‘I don't fool with the E-40s and the Goodie Mobs, it's strictly Wu-Tang on mine.’

“Wu-Tang is good people. I ain’t never had anything against none of the people who he named. It was just that, he dissed us. So I said fuck that. I'm sitting up here watching it myself. This ain't no 'he say, she say' shit. It's not like I had somebody call and say like, ‘40! Rasheed Wallace just clowned you on TV.’ Nah, I sat up there and was watching! Like, 'This motherfucker clownin’ on the boss!?' I said, ‘I'm finna get on his helmet!’ [Laughs.]. I felt like the motherfucker was a hater so I called it ‘Record Haters.’

“The way AZ got in it, it really wasn't his fault. I blame the magazine 4080. They had said some shit in there that made it seem like AZ was trying to clown me. But he wasn't, I came to find out. Actually I'd like to kind of apologize. It was the magazine which is not in print anymore. Journalists and magazines can be messy.

"But I want to let everybody know that years ago me and Rasheed Wallace squashed our little situation. He came to me and apologized. We were in Portland doing a big show with like 10,000 people for a radio station out there. Rasheed was hosting and backstage he was like, ‘Man, 40 I always wanted to tell you, I just want to apologize brother. I'm a man and I respect the hustle and everything you brought to hip hop. I was immature back then.’ Man, I shook his hand.

"We got up on stage and shook hands and squashed that little shit right there. So I ain't got nothing against him. Matter of fact, I’m a fan of him with his basketball. Back then I said, ‘Stick to basketball. Lemme do what I do as a rapper, you do what you do.' I don't have no problem with him in my heart at all. He said what he said, but he was a man and apologized. I respect him for that."