Produced by: DJ Battlecat

E-40: “First of all, Nate Dogg was a good friend of mine and my whole family—The Click and Sick Wid' It Records. We fucked with Tha Dogg Pound back in the day. Nate Dogg always kept it solid with us, through thick and thin. R.I.P. Nate Dogg, a true talent. He made a lot of people great hits. I say the hook is very important. You could put someone else on the hook and you'll say, ‘Okay, this is clapping.’ But when Nate Dogg get on the hook, now you're saying, ‘This is remarkable!’ That's how Nate Dogg was.

“So ‘Nah, Nah’ came about with Battlecat. Battlecat did his thing. I called Nate Dogg and said, ‘I got this song I need you on.’ So he came out here to the Bay Area and we went to my boy at Infinite Studio and put that thing together bruh. Went in there, did the song ‘Nah Nah,’ and then we did the video to it. We had a great time up in there. You know we got right. And we got some good herbal essence in us."

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