Produced by: Rick Rock

E-40: “That's one of my favorite songs ever. Rick Rock did the beat and at the time I said, ‘I want people to listen to the beginning of the song, you gotta remember how many years ago this was.’ This was 2000. Right when the beat came on I said, ‘Tell me when,’ and Rick Rock says, ‘Go!’ [Laughs.]

“The reason it's named ‘Loyalty and Betrayal’ is because some people really will be loyal to you and loyalty really goes a long way. A lot of dynasties, camps, and teams break-up. They go their separate ways and fall out because it's always someone who wants to get in there and do something crooked and be unloyal. Instead of playing his position, he wanna get greedy, let the devil get in him, and turn him Judas. He become a shady motherfucker cause he feel like he should be the number one guy.

“Everybody wanna be the Iron Chef and don't nobody wanna wash dishes, work in the pantry, or mop the floor. Everybody want it right then and there. Everybody want that number one spot. So that's why I say it in ‘Loyalty and Betrayal’ cause that's how it is. Some people gone be loyal, and some people gone betray you. And so I just covered all parts of the game in that song.”

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