Produced by: Bosko

E-40: “That's lightweight mob music, but that's funk music too. Like Zapp and George Clinton and that kind of slap. So I had the boy Bosko do this one right here like this. He took this piece out of that song. Well, actually he didn't do none of that cause he played all that over and made it original. Like you know how you listen to a song and say, ‘Man I wanna take this beat, so I’m gonna revamp it in my own way where I ain't gotta pay nothing?’ It ain't got nothing to do with nothing and it sounds different and it's just called revamping. And that's what he did. You know you can just take a couple bits and pieces. Producers do it all the time. You take a certain melody, cut it short, or make it longer or whatever. So that's how that came about.

“Bosko was the king of the talkbox in that day. Now you've got your—what you call that?—AutoTune and what they call that other thing? Vocoder. Well Bosko used the talkbox. Like, he used the shit that Roger Troutman used back in the day. He just killed that shit. It was one of them slaps. And I just went in there and you know—that's a hood motherfucker's everyday thing to get up and hit the liquor store, ya understand me? [Laughs.] That's how we do it. A lot of times I try to speak for the shit I went through, or the shit other people went through. So hitting that liquor store is like the everyday routine for a hood motherfucker. Whether he going in there to get some Swishers and a pack of Zags or whether he going to get some liquor. [Laughs.]”