Produced by: Mike Mosley

E-40: “‘Dusted’ is really a word we use like, ‘Man that boy got dusted’ or ‘Somebody got dusted last night.’ Like got smoked, got melted, got killed. Shit like that. I said I wanted to make a title called that and Mike Mosley had this one beat. He came over with Sam Bostic and he was like, ‘You scared of this beat.’ That's how we used to talk to each other to build up our confidence—we liked to challenge each other.

“He'd tell me, ‘40 you ain’t gone smoke that beat, you ain't gone gas that beat. You ain’t gone do a good job.’ I'd be like, ‘Yeah, thanks for the confidence. I'm gon’ tear it up just cause you said I can't.’ So he came over and forced it on me. He was like, ‘This beat raw, you scared of it, you scared of it!’ I said, ‘You know how I am, Mike, you know I'm gonna tear this shit up. Watch!’ So, we got up in the studio, we were in L.A. Pac came down to the studio, we had the beat already on deck. I had already did the concept. I knew who I was going to put on there, that shit was so local.

“But this is one of my great memories, Pac came out to the studio—I think it was Larrabee Studios—and the hook was already on there. I think Spice 1 had already did his verse. Pac was down at the studio and Pac said, ‘Let me hear that shit.’ I let him hear it. Pac said, ‘That shit hard!’ So Pac sat down, rolled him up one of them motherfucking swishers, had a pen and paper, and he wrote that shit so quick. It was like ten minutes, for real. And we gassed that motherfucker. We was drinking and shit right before that. Getting right.”